Thursday, May 31, 2012

Time to play 'catch up'...........again

Look what came in Tuesday's mail!! Beautiful Aurifil thread (5 smaller multi-colored spools and one BIG 1300m spool I picked in the softest shade of grey...) AND the great color card with a bazillion color samples of real thread!! I left a comment on Susan's blog and later found out I'd won!! The gift is from this lovely site:
Cindy, from sent all  this straightaway with a sweet note. It's like Christmas in May!! Please click on their sites for a visit---both fun places to spend some time :-)
Also won some fabric fat quarters from Maureen that should be arriving shortly! Such a jackpot/bonanza of goodness for just typing my two cent's worth on a post I doesn't get better than that!!
BQFF Barb stopped over Memorial Day with German chocolate truffles for me and DH on her return from her trip home. AND BQFF Judy sent a written tutorial example of some FMQ'g we saw! (she knows I'm a 'show me' type learner :-)

Here's a challenge for you gardening quilters (& my cute master gardener sister ;-) WHAT is this?? It was put to me as a challenge from my friend/neighbor of 20 years and I'm stumped....
If you're a quilter and you identify it, I'll send you something quilty....If you're my sister and you identify it, I'll take you to lunch ;-)  Quilters--this may require DH to be Mr Random Number Generator, depending on our response!! THANKS to you all, in advance :-)   P S if you click on the picture it should enlarge it for details....... Happy guessing!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sewing and Planting............

The natural progression from the last post about fabric and flowers!! Been busy--but I need to get a LOT busier..!
Hard to believe I've been making these little by little since almost this time last year. About 1/3 the way through the 111 blocks. (a LOT busier ;-)
This funny little thing is a dahlia bulb given to all the guests at a recent bridal shower...

They were wrapped so sweetly in tissue paper, tied with pretty ribbon, and put at each of our places at the tables. The bride and her maids will be carrying dahlias in their bouquets for her July wedding. Thought this was one clever idea!!
Enjoy this long weekend. Remember to say thankyou to someone who's served our country. And remember those who aren't here to thank........
Time to put the sprinklers back on...!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Flowers and Fabric.....

Is there anything better to get our attention than those 2 words?? Here's 3 of the 5 iris we have in the garden. There's a bronze not photographed and next year there'll be a white from my quilty friend Liz...
Thanks Liz, can't wait!
Six fat quarters for $11---woo hoo! Went to the Ann Arbor Sewing Center on Sunday with our DSIL's mom Christy. She's a sewer and a new quilter (and she's already Really good!) We had a fun day together. Here's another bargain:

Eric Carle's Grouchy Ladybug (have I mentioned my upcoming 'Grandma' title this November?? :-)
AND a wee bit of Anna Marie Horner's Innocent Crush...both found in their big sale section!!

OK--will end this post with the latest of 3 orchids blooming in our North facing familyroom window...

There's THREE stalks with buds on them and this one's color/markings is such a Wow!! statement when I see it...(more photos to follow when the rest of the buds open up!!)
Have a happy week, gardening and sewing I hope........  :-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

An attempt to keep current.....

Here's the little mini quilt/table mat given for the 50th birthday of a friend. Told her the block was called 'Granny Square' so I used it to poke fun at her increasing age!! ;-)  The emergency chocolate bar was found at Big Lots and the label is a hoot...!
Purchased quite a few of these to tuck in gifts.... And here's the back of the little mat:

LOVE the fabric and had just enough of the green for the binding! Phew!
Making a new batch of baby burpees and a couple Farmer's Wife blocks to follow later this week, I hope.
Had an extra special Mother's Day at our DD and DSIL's. They made brunch and gave us 2 moms a wrist corsage!! Forgive the hand that needed lotion, and isn't that so pretty??

Enjoy the beeeeautiful Spring weather this week--and hope we all get some sewing in!! Or gardening would be just as great! :-)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

more weekend progress-on Wednesday !

This is the Bloggers' BOM for April by Amy of Mrs. Schmenckman was also finished on the busy weekend--but photographed after the NYB blocks......Poor thing, finished a week late, then not downloaded till half the week's gone by! ;-(  Too much going on around here....   Here's all 8 so far:
My sister gave me the sweet little dragonfly zip/case. I use it for my camera now--perfect fit!!
More flowers coming into the garden scheme. My sis works at a big greenhouse and always gifts me a HUGE planter for Mother's Day (when their business really gets going!!) I am a lucky gal :-)

This photo doesn't do it justice...   And isn't this little pansy the prettiest color??
She stood out among the other really bright and bold colored blooms!!
If I'm not around to post in the next few days, Happy Mother's Day to all moms, aunts, sisters, grandmas and girlfriends !!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

this weekend's progress.....

Straightened up the sewing cave this weekend--then decided to start paper piecing the 3rd NYB in the series!! So it wasn't tidy for TOO long :-)  Kind of a dark photo, but here's what the 3 look like together so far...
Made a fabric error right off the bat--but I'm just going to work it into the block and call it an artistic decision ;-) 
Working on things that can't be shown on the blog (guild challenges and B-day presents) But will have more photos soon.
Hope you all have a great week....and happy sewing! 

Friday, May 4, 2012

I need a Zambonie.........

If you're familiar with hockey at all.......
you know the Zambonie machine comes out between periods and swipes everything smooth and clean...And looks so F U N while it's doing that!!!
Well--the sewing cave is in major dissarray at the moment. And a Zamboni would be just the thing to send in !
Wishful thinking asside, my DH will be busy this weekend with the Michigan Turn Marshalls and the office is closed till Monday for me......So a 3 day weekend of sewing can begin as soon as I get my **** (self :-) in there and reorganize a bit !
Let's see if I can distract you (and me :-) for a while longer by showing you some beautiful fabric recently purchased on sale...
That's the ticket!! Here's the choices for the next NYB block:
And DD's BFF mentioned Yellow/grey combinations for a baby quilt while visiting, so.........charm squares were on sale and might just be the ticket...

The lily of the valley idea came from Fun With Barb's blog (check out her great blog!!) and the pretty teacup was purchased for our anniversary..(i have started a nice collection after 36 years)
Have a marvelous weekend--we're in for a beauty weatherwise--so enjoy whatever you do.
Me.....I'll be in (and out!) of the cave...Progress reports to follow randomly ;-)