Friday, April 27, 2012

Third time's the charm...?

Three posts today...and hopefully I'll be able to include Ashlea's blog link at Ashlea Tenner Quilts. She was so sweet to give me a 'Liebster' award. By George--I think I've GOT it this time!! Phew....
Please visit hers and the other Liebsters popping up today to see some amazing talent and inspiration.
  Pictures of flowers on a day that turned out much nicer than this morning promised....
The lilacs are almost ready to bloom and send that great fragrance everywhere!!
Received some lovely surprises from my BQFF Judy...

A recipe, a package of pins that look awesome (in U of M maize and blue, how'd she DO that?? ;-)
two Frixion pens (one for our other BQFF Barbara!) and itty bitty, perfect little leaders and enders 'a la Bonnie Hunter. Just look at these cute little guys-----

Those BQFF's are on my Liebster list. I'm thinkin' Judy has retired her blog for a while after a big move and a busy schedule. So when she's back up & runnin'...I'll know how to pass on her nice site on my blog.
Have a wonderful weekend--get some sewing in.     :-)

Corrections made for my Liebsters.........!

I'm not too good with this new Blogger set up and very new at trying to include bloggers links correctly so here goes:
1. Barb at Paint creek quilts
2. Judy at Quilting in the Birds
3. Mina at kindaquilty
4. Marion at my quilt diet
5. Stacey at my old quilting soul
6. Anne at And so it goes
7. Karen at Laughter in quilts
REALLY hoping this is OK now--this computer can be challenging... ;-) Enjoy!!

I'm a Liebster :-)

Ashlea Tenner, at Ashlea Tenner Quilts, was nice enough to nominate me as a 'Liebster blog'! I thank her so much for this and please visit Ashlea and see what a talent she is!!
'Liebster' means favorite in now I will nominate 5 ( I have 7) bloggers with less than 200 followers for this award, and hope we all see more visitors :-)
1. Barbara at Paint Creek Quilts
2. Judy at Quilting in the Birds
3. Mina at Kindaquilty
4. Marion at My Quilt Diet
5 Stacey at My Old Quilting Soul
6. Anne  at And Sew it Goes
7. Karen at Laughter in Quilts
Hoping the links to their blogs come up correctly--these blogs (and Ashlea's) are really some of my favorites!! :-)  Thanks again, Ashlea.
Closing with a pretty picture of the 3 dozen roses received on Monday...our 36th Anniversary!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


New York Beauty block...second in the series--can't remember the #
Turned out pretty--moving on to the next................(sometime soon ;-)

a week off goes too fast......!

But some progress made on the birthday quilt! Here's the front..........
the pieced back...........

and the fabrics' detail....   Just going to meander through the stars and stripes and call it a nice quilt for the couch! You know, I've heard,  it's a great place for naps when you're 60. (I always kid with him and say "I'm right behing ya") -- and I AM! And here's the NYB 3/4 done (not sewn together yet)---now off to finish the last 1/4 and move on to the next. Only 4 or 5 blocks behind ;-( 
If you're able to visit the Oakland County Quilt Guild Celebration in Lake Orion Michigan--you'll enjoy a great day, or 2!, this's the information :-) Enjoy your day and happy sewing.............!

Monday, April 9, 2012

It's like sending your kids to camp........

Three little quilts folded and entered in the guild's show this weekend!! They're like your family kinda--right??'s fun--and they'll enjoy 'hanging out' with some pretty wonderful other quilts!!

Number Seven Blogger BOM finally completed. And here's all 7 together. This is a fun (and doable) Block of the Month....even if you do get behind. ;-)
Then there's the New York Beauty quiltalong...I think they're already up to 7 blocks's one half of my second block !
Oh well!! It's looking good and perhaps will be entered in the quilt show 2 years from now--! So, pressure. I'm thinkin' the tortoise and the hare story!!
Have a wonderful week--Happy sewing !! :-)