Thursday, May 23, 2013

Time to try a T-shirt quilt...

One of my sweet SIL's asked if we could put together a T-shirt quilt for their oldest daughter graduating high school soon.....Having never made one, I didn't hesitate to say YES and proceed to look up directions everywhere I could think of!!  ;-)  Feelin' pretty confident now....
                                         She'll be attending this fine university where our oldest son also went. He donated this OLD t-shirt to the cause.
Here's the auditioning of sashing and far I like it. DS's lovely wife helped me pick the patterned fabric. The two smaller squares and an outside border
will be this dark green batik from the stash.
And just because she's so cute--here's a picture of DGD Logan (and her boyfriend Evan) at the ACS Relay for Life this past weekend.
Happy Sewing all!  :-)