Thursday, July 28, 2011

two done........

Second block for FWQAL done for this week. Headed to beautiful Saugatuck, Mich. with these sweet newlyweds....
They're taking both sets of parents to a cottage near Saugatuck for a weekend of fishing, swimming, shopping and relaxing!!! We are blessed.
Have a great weekend, all. See ya Monday......... :-)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

one done, one to go........

Buckwheat block done....need to pick the fabric for Calico Puzzle. In the book it looks like the center is fussy cut, hmmmmm! Was a busy weekend. My SIL & niece had a wonderful surprise retirement party for our younger (!) brother. (He's had his time in and now was the best time to make the break) I am admittedly a little jealous!! But so happy for him and his family!
SO--back to quilty stuff--now there's 17 Farmer's Wife blocks in my collection. They are still very fun to do. Looking forward to paper piecing a more complicated block soon.

Our little houseguest/grand dog went home tonight, so there may be a little sewing time left in the day for that Calico Puzzle! Happy sewing this week  :-)

Friday, July 22, 2011

the heat's slowed me down...!

Wasn't sure about this little yellow it was switched for this pretty reddish shot cotton. Likin' the contrast better. But my Buckwheat block sat uncut and unsewed. The heat and humidity has  taken my sewing strength away  ;-) !
This is our new grand dog, Callie. Her parents are headed to Traverse City for a nice summer weekend! Isn't she just the cutest??
Have a wonderful summer weekend yourselves!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Broken things and a Buzzard block....

Broken dishes, broken sugar bowl AND broken internet for 4 days!! Wow, do ya miss it when it's gone??! It's semi-fixed at the moment, another service call scheduled tomorrow...But WOW what you can get done when you're not in front of the computer!
Buzzard's Roost and this Bouquet block all while the internet was down....The only thing i couldn't do was print more templates out to make the blocks in numerical order....But 16 blocks completed now!! Maybe i better back away from the keyboard a little more often... ;-)   
Happy Sewing.........

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bowtie & Birds.....

Eleven FarmersWife blocks completed. Decided to work in order they're given in the book now. (We'll see how long i last!) The templates are still OK to work with, although Barbara,  gave me the Yahoo group info for paper piecing.

This +   This  =

THIS!! Peaches from Saturday's trip to Rochester's Farmers Market with DH and DD. Used my new Revereware pans given to me by Judy, (thanks Judy), yielded lots of peach jam!! Or peach syrup if it doesn't set up! Isn't peach the toughest to gel??? And one more finish this last day of vacation:

SIL's pretty throw/quilt. Straight line quilted, wrap around backing for the binding. Has a nice weight to it, i hope she likes it. :-)  Stay cool and happy sewing .

Friday, July 8, 2011

Only 102 left to go....!

Nine done, 102 left to finish. Changed the colors in blocks 1 & 4 though. The gold/yellow was too dark and somber for the happy DS fabrics. Three more this weekend and i should be caught up in the count.
Let me know what you think about the change....
While on vacation this week, there was a frame put around this lovely paperdoll poster brought back from Germany and gifted by my friend Barbara.

The pictures don't do it justice... I was a big fan of paper dolls in my childhood. Here's a bit of detail.

Must've ironed a million (slight exaggeration) charm square HST's in the past 2 days. They were paired with Kona White and sewn at our guild's 'Quilt Inn' this past winter. The fabric line is discontinued from Connecting Threads. I love the colors---need to decide on a layout. Will welcome suggestions on that :-)Happy sewing!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

now i'm only half-way behind....!

We spent July 4th here on Wolf Lake in the family home of friends. We always eat, sleep & laugh more when we're up North. I think it's the fresh air and good company that does it!!
Got busy with this early this morning, after tracing and cutting templates for the first six FW blocks last night.
So here's the start of what looks like a happy quilt to me. The templates are kinda fun--just have to remember a scant 1/4 inch seems to keep them the correct size. Forgot about fusing the basket handle, so it's just raw edge appliqued to the block. May have to revise that one....

Here's how our days ended, before the fireworks began 3 out of 4 nights!! Sure was a nice way to start our week's vacation.