Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Winter" was warmer....!

Couldn't resist a flat of Pansies on Thursday----and Friday we had hail/rain!! We really were spoiled with some incredibly nicer weather this winter!!
Tried my hand at a granny square, and while I like it a is pretty 'labor intensive'. (guess there won't be a whole quilt of 'em at this house !                                 You can call ME granny tho' because these 2...

our DS and lovely DIL have announced they're expecting their first child in November!! WOO-HOO!
They will return home from teaching in South Korea these past 4 years in February 2013. (this picture was taken at a S. Korean baseball game  when DH and I visited the summer of 2010!)

Our DD and her Bff dropped over today. Our daughter brought lunch and Sophie brought these beautiful tulips and announced she and her hubby are expecting their first baby in November too! She and Linds have been BFF's since they were very, very little--she's another daughter to us!!
Winter was warmer...but Spring has sure brought some wonderful, happy news our way.
Have a great Sunday...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

100! - and we have a winner.........!

 Please note the quarter square triangles--then folded prairie point style....DH reached in the bag and picked:
NUMBER 2--Allie at!! I'll be mailing the Reunion charmpack asap......!
Congratulations Allie!

Started sewing the 2nd New York Beauty block for the quiltalong--this was a bit challenging! Thinkin' it will be a pretty block too, when it's completed.........!

I was the lucky recipient of this pretty angel from my friend Kathy B. in our guild. (I missed a Board meeting after some oral surgery... :-(  Isn't she lovely??! Thankyou, Kathy, this made me feel better!!
Thought I'd finish this post with some beauty brought on by our wonderful early Spring. After visiting with my neighbor after church, I told her I'd be back with my camera to take pictures of her weeping cherry and magnolia in bloom---------

Have a wonderful week & happy sewing!! :-)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Almost 100 ! and a giveaway................

My 100th post is coming up soon (Sunday, I'm thinkin') and this little charm pack needs a home. Please leave a comment and Sunday the DH will pick a winner!! Hard to beleive I've posted 99 times....then again, maybe not so hard to beleive. This blog and the blogging community has been a great source of inspiration, humor AND stress relief!! ;-) So say 'hello' and we'll pick a winner on Sunday March 25.
Here's the first New York Beauty block completed. It turned out rather nice! (the photo's taken on top of our very weathered picnic table...) Here's the attempt at an artsy shot....

Hope everyone's enjoying the first day of Spring today--thanks for stopping here and leaving a 'hello'.
(Please make sure there's an email for me to reach you when you win the Reunion charm pack!! :-)
Happy sewing!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Night Sew In......

Way behind on my New York Beauty Quiltalong blocks!! Finally settled on a color palate...and bought background fabric in Baldwin, Michigan last weekend.
Pin, pin, pinned the Friends' strip quilt yesterday--so it can keep me busy FMQing too this weekend. Purchased every sort of marking pen known to quilters...but could NOT find the Frixon pen anywhere!!

This great bunch of patriotic fabrics will be made into a nice lap quilt for my boss's (our friend's) 60th birthday next month. He's retired from the Army/National Guard as a full colonel. Hoping the 'country-ish' fabric will make it a hit with Mrs. Colonel ;-)  I'm sure she'll like it too.

Sharing this on the FNSI site...Happy National Quilt Day AND Happy St. Patrick's Day, too!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Presents in the Mail......!

Not feelin' so hot today, so just imagine how much better this sweet little pincushion made me feel!! Nicole at is the pretty and talented gal I was lucky enough to win it from. Please visit her blog to see the great take on a Gwen Marston design she's finished. See what I mean about really talented?? (Thanks again, Nicole.)
Missed my applique class today after pulling a back muscle getting out of bed. You know the kind you can feel it happening--but you can't stop it from happening??!! Deep breaths are out of the question at first...Arggghhh. Will just take another class from Lisa at a later date....
Tried marking a feather from a stencil and it came out much better than  freehand attempts. (thanks for the advice to my BQFF, Judy ;-). Auditioned a border for this fabric transfer that was printed  back in Jan. 2011! She was from The Graphic Fairy's site, I think. She'll either become a pillow or a little mini for the sewing room wall....('bout time!!)

But today me and our houseguests
pretty much look like this......... ;-)  DD and SIL are up to Crystal Mountain with 6 friends for a ski weekend. Heard they got quite a few inches of new snow yesterday and overnight. They'll enjoy it!

One of the 2 orchids with buds has bloomed beautifully this week. Just love those colors!! Have a great weekend -- whatever you do! :-)