Saturday, March 3, 2012

Presents in the Mail......!

Not feelin' so hot today, so just imagine how much better this sweet little pincushion made me feel!! Nicole at is the pretty and talented gal I was lucky enough to win it from. Please visit her blog to see the great take on a Gwen Marston design she's finished. See what I mean about really talented?? (Thanks again, Nicole.)
Missed my applique class today after pulling a back muscle getting out of bed. You know the kind you can feel it happening--but you can't stop it from happening??!! Deep breaths are out of the question at first...Arggghhh. Will just take another class from Lisa at a later date....
Tried marking a feather from a stencil and it came out much better than  freehand attempts. (thanks for the advice to my BQFF, Judy ;-). Auditioned a border for this fabric transfer that was printed  back in Jan. 2011! She was from The Graphic Fairy's site, I think. She'll either become a pillow or a little mini for the sewing room wall....('bout time!!)

But today me and our houseguests
pretty much look like this......... ;-)  DD and SIL are up to Crystal Mountain with 6 friends for a ski weekend. Heard they got quite a few inches of new snow yesterday and overnight. They'll enjoy it!

One of the 2 orchids with buds has bloomed beautifully this week. Just love those colors!! Have a great weekend -- whatever you do! :-)


Judy in Michigan said...

What a great post - love the pin cushion - You won something!! Yea!! Gaylord was shut down on Saturday as we dug out from 14" of new heavy snow. Dogs look like we felt!! Your feathers look much better and they will keep getting better. The orchids are gorgeous - I'm getting a new leaf on my plant but no buds or anything on the stalks yet. Fingers crossed. Hope DD and DSIL were able to negotiate the snow at Crystal!!

Stephanie said...

Super cute pincushion!!! Oh my goodness your feathers are gorgeous.

Barb in Mi said...

Hope you are feeling better! Love your feathers - they look beautiful!
Thanks so much for the churndash pattern and quilt show bookmarks - so nice to come home to mail from you.