Sunday, March 25, 2012

100! - and we have a winner.........!

 Please note the quarter square triangles--then folded prairie point style....DH reached in the bag and picked:
NUMBER 2--Allie at!! I'll be mailing the Reunion charmpack asap......!
Congratulations Allie!

Started sewing the 2nd New York Beauty block for the quiltalong--this was a bit challenging! Thinkin' it will be a pretty block too, when it's completed.........!

I was the lucky recipient of this pretty angel from my friend Kathy B. in our guild. (I missed a Board meeting after some oral surgery... :-(  Isn't she lovely??! Thankyou, Kathy, this made me feel better!!
Thought I'd finish this post with some beauty brought on by our wonderful early Spring. After visiting with my neighbor after church, I told her I'd be back with my camera to take pictures of her weeping cherry and magnolia in bloom---------

Have a wonderful week & happy sewing!! :-)


Judy in Michigan said...

Congrats on your 100th post - didn't we start about the same time? I think I may have 10 by now - LOL. Good for you!!! Love your post as usual. Wow - you sure have spring down there. Sorry to hear about your surgery - glad you are feeling better. Happy sewing to you too!

zeelhell said...

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Allie said...

Thank you hon! Gosh you're so neat in how you do your give-away - quarter square triangles, oh my! I just tear bits of paper, or use Mr. Random Generator, lol!

That NY Beauty is making me swoon. I think that's my favorite pattern and there's no way I would ever try it - well, maybe someday! You're doing a gorgeous job.

Love your little angel from your friend, what a sweet thing to do! And oh look at the beautiful blossoms, I put some on my blog today too, I hope they survive the freeze tonight. I have buds on my crabapple, not sure if they'll open this year or fall right off, frozen. Don't you love weeping cherry trees!

em's scrapbag said...

So happy for Allie. Your New York Beauty block is fabulous!!!!

Sue said...

Your New York Beauty block looks just gorgeous! Such nice work :)

Sue (in Michigan too ;) )

Michelle said...

Love your colour choices for the New York Beauty blocks. I'm enjoying this quilt along too but my blocks look very drab alongside those bright fresh colours.