Friday, October 28, 2011

Bloggers' Block of the Month #2........'s finished...not sure about my fabric choices.....But I'm determined to stick with them till all 12 come together. Really wanted to use some Kaffe, instead of just looking at it fondly!!
Here's the two together. The 'floating flowers' were the only lighter color Kaffe I had in my stash. It's looking mighty 'busy'............ Also made some small progress on the cross quilt.

Now just need the quiet time to finish the flimsie!! It will be tabletop size, but a fun challenge, and I'm liking it very much.
We're having a few nice, sunny days here this early Fall in Michigan. The butterflies were so happy to see I hadn't done my yardwork yet and gifted me a few closeups!!

Have a great weekend, all! Hope there's some sewing in your schedule too! :-)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Finished 2 and they're on their way....!

Two finished for Stockings for Kids and they're on their way to PurplePandaQuilts in Virginia!! The tutorial for the nice and easy stocking is on . I made my own pattern and used the directions and each took less than an hour from start to finish. Stockings were the highlight of our Christmases, so sending these helps me start that for more kids........Have a great weekend, all! :-)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finished ahead of schedule!!

Baby quilt #2 finished and ahead of schedule at that!! (Does that mean I can start something NEW??) Just is a relief not to be stressin' about a finish on the day of the shower :-) .  This morning we (DH and I) woke up at 4:45 am to be downtown Detroit for the Free Press International Marathon!!
The weather cooperated for the most part--just a little drizzle for a bit, but mostly mild and dry. Here's DH and our SIL who ran the half marathon (13.1 miles) with him.

They did great! It was her first half marathon and her time was better than she expected. Proud of them both!
This guy was on the riverfront walkway lookin' for a handout....

He wasn't the least bit frightened of a bundled up woman with a camera!! (That's Windsor, Ontario, Canada behind him across the river. )
Have a wonderful week ahead----happy sewing!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Boy, I'm glad that's finished!!

'Had a bit of a go ' with this one.....she's done and she's good enough!! Did use the templates and it was fine. But wow, what a lot of seams to press open!! Looks like I lost a bit of the lower right corner, ripped it out and re-sewed it twice! So.....good 'nuff!
Here's my sweet SIL with her string quilt!! She likes it--she really likes it (in a Sally Field voice ;-) That makes me happy! Here's more happy stuff:

The pieces for the cross quilt all lined up like good little soldiers and MORE Denyse Schmidt fabrics for the Farmer's Wife quilt! Now I promise......this is my LAST batch of peach-raspberry jam for 2011!!
Thinkin' I could make this in my sleep--------! Have a great weekend, all, no matter who you're cheering for in the BIG game around here.......

Yeah---it's staged........but it is MY blog afterall!! GO GREEN--GO WHITE! :-)

Monday, October 10, 2011

This and That.....

Took a walking tour of downtown Rochester, Mich. on Saturday with my BQFF Barbara...  This is our (and 16 other people's) guide, Rod. It as a beautiful, warm day and he was fabulous! It started in front of what is now the Rochester Mill Brewery....
which was the largest woolen mill in the country in the 1920's. The settlers built it where 3 rivers came together.
This next building sits on an Indian burial ground and the rows of rocks are from the farmers' fields, who brought them into town when they visited!! The top stones are purposely larger so that to someone looking up from the sidewalk--the stones all appear to be the same size!
On the quilty front--this baby quilt is finished!

The shingles were delivered today!! Jim loved that conveyor belt--no climbing necessary!
And just to show how absolutely wonderful it is here in Michigan this Fall....

Thanks for stopping and letting me share a little of this and that with ya's........Have a great week ahead! :-)

Friday, October 7, 2011

just playin.....

Just playin' with the layout at my attempt at a cross quilt ala Exuberant Color! It's fun to audition these crosses and one leads to another quickly!! We'll see how big this gets this weekend! :-)
Then, I played most of the afternoon with these....
And ended up with these!!

14 jars of Green Tomato Relish--wowsers! (some will be forced, i mean, given to friends and relatives) Sure hate not to do something good with all that nice produce from the garden. So grill up some hotdogs and brats---I'll bring the relish :-)      Have a great weekend, all!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

String quilt finished!!

I LOVE this little quilt!! Kind of a nasty day outside, but was able to snap a quick shot on the bench swing!

Allover meandering and some loopy stuff on the borders.........
Took lots of pictures 'cause it goes to live with my sweet SIL in a couple weeks for her birthday. (I will miss it.... :-)  But maybe it can go to this week's guild meeting for Show & Tell! And it's time to start another one for DD. It took all my willpower not to just hand over this one to her! LOL! Also received a nice surprise from someone in New York....
A beautiful Thankyou/photo card of Victoria (BumbleBeans) signature block quilt!! Mine's in there! Have to admit I let out a little squeek when I saw this!! Made me very happy!
Wishing all a happy weekend....