Friday, October 14, 2011

Boy, I'm glad that's finished!!

'Had a bit of a go ' with this one.....she's done and she's good enough!! Did use the templates and it was fine. But wow, what a lot of seams to press open!! Looks like I lost a bit of the lower right corner, ripped it out and re-sewed it twice! So.....good 'nuff!
Here's my sweet SIL with her string quilt!! She likes it--she really likes it (in a Sally Field voice ;-) That makes me happy! Here's more happy stuff:

The pieces for the cross quilt all lined up like good little soldiers and MORE Denyse Schmidt fabrics for the Farmer's Wife quilt! Now I promise......this is my LAST batch of peach-raspberry jam for 2011!!
Thinkin' I could make this in my sleep--------! Have a great weekend, all, no matter who you're cheering for in the BIG game around here.......

Yeah---it's staged........but it is MY blog afterall!! GO GREEN--GO WHITE! :-)

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