Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finished It Up !

Here's the little lap quilt finished up for Pat Sloan's FIU for August and off it will go for the BASICS quilt drive that she and Victoria (of Bumble Beans) have organized. The flimsy sat for a long time waiting for some enthusiasm on my part to complete it. Now that it's done, i rather like it!! It's all small prints from the stash and should comfort it's new owner just fine. Because i can't resist---here it is all rolled up! :-)
Love how quilts look like this. The binding is by machine and should hold up to lots of love and washings.
Had to include these pictures in the post too......

We've had some magnificent clouds this summer. Especially just before and  after storms.
Headed to beautiful Charlevoix (!) for a wedding this weeknd. Hope everyone enjoys a great weekend too!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A FIU and a FW.....

Time to sandwich and Finish It Up for Pat Sloan. Then off it goes to Victoria ( Bumble Beans) & Pat's BASICS quilt drive. My friend Barbara told me of this and it seemed just the right thing for this little lap quilt.
Block #23 Country Farm done. Needed a new ink cartridge, so now more templates can be made!! Still plan to paper piece a few now I know the 'setting' should be at 'none'.
This is (was) the pretty shelf paper inside a drawer in the garage that came down this weekend. Reminded me of fabric for sure!!

So now this looks like this:
And the rebuild starts soon!!   
"What we did on our Summer vacation" should've been the title of this post!
Have a great week. Happy sewing!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy to be a ............

Michigan Quilt Blogger! Allie of set this up with directions for us Michigan gals to add to the blogs. Thanks again, Allie! Such a great picture!!
Contrary Wife was nothing of the sort!! This went together beautifully. Years ago though, this block was in a sampler quilt made in a 12 1/2 " size and I REALLY disliked it then...very hard for me to piece. For some reason, Corn and Beans is making me fret and it's not even in the fabric selection stage. Tomorrow's another day, maybe it will look friendlier then! It also starts our 10 day vacation, the last till the Christmas holidays.
                This pretty quilt needs some TLC. It belongs to a friend and she can't mend it herself. The green ginham seems to be the most fragile. But a little hand sewing will be nice on vacation!! 
Happy sewing! Enjoy these lovely summer days. :-)                                

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Flimsy done.........Judy won!!

The pretty Park Avenue charm packed goes to Judy of! DH picked it from the 5 nice visitors on the last post. I'll be sending it straightaway. :-)
Here's the flimsy from all the friendship strips. It's based on the Rachel Griffith pattern, Coin Collections, in Quiltmaker magazine. (thanks, JS!!)
Added a few 'coins' to the borders 'cause i was running out of that green fabric!! Really like how it turned out. Now to work on making the back special with each of the quilters labels.
Well, this is the 50th post and I feel happy I started this blog. (At the urging of Barbara and Judy, and I thank them for the gentle nudge!) Blogs are fun...quilters' blogs are extra fun!! There's a great bunch of people out there.....
No work on Farmers Wife blocks this week--but here's a little garden humor anyhow....(and my newest profile picture on Facebook--hahahaha!)

Have a wonderful week, all !  Happy sewing! (and gardening :-)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Decision made and a giveaway.....!

This is the fabric i finally picked for the block borders and sashing on our guild group strip quilt. Only took 2 months!! Decided it had to come from the stash, and so it did. Here's how half the blocks look laid out on the 'design floor'........
Barbara, Judy, Liz. LaVerne, Marie and I all made enough strip sets to give to each other and keep one group for ourselves. Each came with a label from it's quilter for the back. I can't tell you how special this quilt will be when it's finished (at least a flimsy!) on Sunday. That would also mark 50 posts on this blog I thought might never get past 20!! So leave a little comment blurb and this little charm pack will be on it's way!

My DH can pick a number between 1 and ??, however many little comments come by...Thanks to all who stop by for a visit, and especially those of you who take the time to leave a wee hello...  :-)  Have a great weekend -- see ya's Sunday. p.s. make sure there's a way to contact you in your comment

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

'Do-over' done -- still don't like it....!

Century of Progress redone and it
came out the correct size.....but maybe i didn't pick the right fabrics....I just don't care for this block.

MUCH happier with these 2!! (checkerboard and churn dash) The block I dislike will hopefully disappear in the grand scheme of this quilt....
Not so bad from this angle ;-) ! So,  included it will be. The templates are the way for me to go it seems. Sorta find them relaxing to work with. Here's the completed blocks so far.... 
Have a happy sewing week, all!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

We'll try this again.....!

I really DO like to paper piece--but this attempt at 'Century of Progress' went terribly wrong!! I copied it 'to actual size' and plunged in. Not only is it a half inch too small...
the 2 halves are upsidedown and backwards!! My husband took one look and said, "Mug rug"!! He's got something there! :-) Back to templates for me.Which is how 'Cats & Mice' turned out pretty OK--not perfect, though it got quite familiar with the seam ripper.......

Hope everyone else's weekend is going pretty OK too! Happy sewing all.