Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finished It Up !

Here's the little lap quilt finished up for Pat Sloan's FIU for August and off it will go for the BASICS quilt drive that she and Victoria (of Bumble Beans) have organized. The flimsy sat for a long time waiting for some enthusiasm on my part to complete it. Now that it's done, i rather like it!! It's all small prints from the stash and should comfort it's new owner just fine. Because i can't resist---here it is all rolled up! :-)
Love how quilts look like this. The binding is by machine and should hold up to lots of love and washings.
Had to include these pictures in the post too......

We've had some magnificent clouds this summer. Especially just before and  after storms.
Headed to beautiful Charlevoix (!) for a wedding this weeknd. Hope everyone enjoys a great weekend too!


Allie said...

That is so darling - and it's going to such a good cause, how wonderful of you! Did you SEE those clouds last night? AMAZING...your pics are gorgeous - I was wishing I wasn't sick and in my jammies so I could go out and take pics too. Enjoy your weekend!

Judy in Michigan said...

Beautiful photos and the quilt is so cuddly and pretty. Aren't you glad we can produce such lovelies? Have fun in Charlevoix. If you come back thru Gaylord, call me.

Barb in Mi said...

Great quilt and done, binding and all. Congrats! Hope you are having a nice time at the wedding!

Jilly said...

Your quilt looks such a very beautiful and those two photographs from your window also seems very gorgeous. I also enjoy to take photographs of nature on evening time.
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