Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy to be a ............

Michigan Quilt Blogger! Allie of set this up with directions for us Michigan gals to add to the blogs. Thanks again, Allie! Such a great picture!!
Contrary Wife was nothing of the sort!! This went together beautifully. Years ago though, this block was in a sampler quilt made in a 12 1/2 " size and I REALLY disliked it then...very hard for me to piece. For some reason, Corn and Beans is making me fret and it's not even in the fabric selection stage. Tomorrow's another day, maybe it will look friendlier then! It also starts our 10 day vacation, the last till the Christmas holidays.
                This pretty quilt needs some TLC. It belongs to a friend and she can't mend it herself. The green ginham seems to be the most fragile. But a little hand sewing will be nice on vacation!! 
Happy sewing! Enjoy these lovely summer days. :-)                                

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Allie said...

It was all Elisa's idea - I just took the pic! I think it's great we have our own button now. I love that block, especially the colors...darling quilt you're rescuing! Enjoy your vacation!!