Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bowtie & Birds.....

Eleven FarmersWife blocks completed. Decided to work in order they're given in the book now. (We'll see how long i last!) The templates are still OK to work with, although Barbara,  gave me the Yahoo group info for paper piecing.

This +   This  =

THIS!! Peaches from Saturday's trip to Rochester's Farmers Market with DH and DD. Used my new Revereware pans given to me by Judy, (thanks Judy), yielded lots of peach jam!! Or peach syrup if it doesn't set up! Isn't peach the toughest to gel??? And one more finish this last day of vacation:

SIL's pretty throw/quilt. Straight line quilted, wrap around backing for the binding. Has a nice weight to it, i hope she likes it. :-)  Stay cool and happy sewing .


Judy in Michigan said...

I can just smell the peach goodness in your kitchen! You have lots of energy - so many things completed this week. SIL's quilt is really pretty and the simple quilting is just perfect for the modern look of the quilt. If she doesn't like it, call me, ok? Have a good week!

Barb in Mi said...

You are on a roll with Farmer's wife blocks - and the peach jam looks delicious!
Straight line quilting on SIL's quilt: nice! How many hours did it take?

Perry said...

Send some of that jam my way. I love homemade jam. Your SIL's quilt is really pretty! Like the colors, and it looks comfortable.

Anonymous said...

The jam looks wonderful!
How's the paper piecing working out? Ive wanted to give it a try.