Monday, April 9, 2012

It's like sending your kids to camp........

Three little quilts folded and entered in the guild's show this weekend!! They're like your family kinda--right??'s fun--and they'll enjoy 'hanging out' with some pretty wonderful other quilts!!

Number Seven Blogger BOM finally completed. And here's all 7 together. This is a fun (and doable) Block of the Month....even if you do get behind. ;-)
Then there's the New York Beauty quiltalong...I think they're already up to 7 blocks's one half of my second block !
Oh well!! It's looking good and perhaps will be entered in the quilt show 2 years from now--! So, pressure. I'm thinkin' the tortoise and the hare story!!
Have a wonderful week--Happy sewing !! :-)


My Old Quilting Soul said...

I love your block in the NY beauty and good luck in the guilds show!

Marion said...

Such BEAUTIFUL blocks!! I love the colors!!

Judy in Michigan said...

I just realized that I hadn't commented yet - oops - I love love love love the fabrics and colors in your NY beauty and I can't wait to see your quilts tomorrow at the show. I have the first BOM done - do you think I can catch up???? Love yours - so happy!