Tuesday, April 26, 2011

top secret correspondence....

Who says 'secrets don't make friends'?? This top secret envelope came today. i followed the directions--inside i found something i've been longing to find & try!!
Bobbin washers!! From my friend Judy, or should we just call her 'J'?? One's already in the Bernina and she's seeming a little quieter...we'll see about the 'birdnest' prevention. Thankyou...J ;-)
My DD was sweet enough to come with me to The Village Quilt Shoppe in Lake Orion to help find a background fabric for the baby boy quilt. (This one's really giving me the raspberries!!) The calico was too busy, white is too--white! So this is what we decided on: Primitive Muslin by Primitive Gatherings for Moda.
Whaddya think?? It seems soft & restful with the busy blocks............
happy sewing....... :-)

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