Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Start and a Couple Finishes............

Over at there are some wonderful ideas and tutorials for baubles and ornaments. After gathering my cotton yarns, I've attempted her Bauble Decoration for possible gift giving this year.... The directions and pictures are great and it went so well, I purchased the little bells to embellish the 'star' points when I get them done!
That's the 'start'....the 2 finishes are  a larger version of a tissue holder for a new mom's baby wipes! Seen here to start with the one gifted to me by my BQFF Judy.

and here's the 'finish'......
Finish No. 2 is the brand new GARAGE!!  Yea! It seems bigger (cause all the 'stuff' hasn't been returned) And we won't have to scrape our windshields in the morning when the really bad weather turns up!
Here's to 'starts and finishes'--hope you all have some of each going yourselves!

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