Sunday, December 18, 2011

Take one small car + one small tree.....

And it equals:
And that brings us.....

We were out and about together on Friday and REALLY didn't want to come home and switch cars to go get the tree, so...........we crammed a nice little tree into the bug with the backseat down!! Voila! Done, home, decorated and being enjoyed....It even has quite a few gifts under it already.
Did some de-stressify sewing on Saturday. You know, what you do to keep from thinking about all the stuff you have to do--but can't do YET??? !! This was the end result:

Very pleased with the new pillow--and it kept me occupied just right! It's 16" square and the little finished squares are 1" each...the back's an envelope and the patches are just raw edge appliqued on for some color on the reverse.
Hope all who stop by this blog are nearing their finish lines for Christmas and looking forward to a happy, healthy time with family and friends. Happy Sewing all !! :-)

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